Trying something new today, anti-yeast and fungal diet! Yayness.

For better health and less fibromyalgia pain. 

Basically what we are doing is eliminating anything that isn’t fresh or natural – and getting rid of sugary foods too. Sugar is the food for these little buggers (the yeast)

Now some of you think that vaginal yeast infections are what I’m going on about, no actually it’s not. Your whole body can be affected by yeast.  Here is a page generally about yeast infections : 

Lets hope this makes some impact to my health 😦


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Ugh woke up today feeling bent and flat.

Have you ever felt like you were run over by a mac truck upon waking up? I woke up today and it feels like my nerves are being pinched. Well it’s not a very fun thing and I wake up like this every day in my life. My tailbone however has been getting a bit better. I feel sometimes like I just want to get it over with, and die… before the pain gets worse again. Why won’t those doctors listen to me? <grumble, grumble>

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Obese Women Face Greater Risk for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

FRIDAY, Oct. 27 (HealthDay News) — Overweight and obese women are five times more likely than lean women to have polycystic ovary syndrome, a new Spanish study finds.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, which decreases fertility, occurs when the ovaries malfunction and levels of the hormone androgen in the body are unusually high. Symptoms include acne, excess hair growth, and irregular or no menstrual periods.

Dur. Medical “Professionals” can be so stupid. PCOS is known to cause obesity… therefor alot of women with obesity also have PCOS. Why do they think they can flip a side effect of an illness around and think they have a new take on it? It’s like saying “Chronic pain causes fibromyalgia.” or that “Suicidal thoughts may cause depression”

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And a big “F*** You” to those Doctors – done my way.

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This is to all those doctors, nurses, ER doctors… who give me those strange looks, and believe it’s all in my head. I know this isn’t polite, but they weren’t either, so this is what they get. I know how I feel… they don’t.

And the biggest F-you of all to a certain Dr. Krapper (mis-spelling of his actual name) , you know who you are you jerk off. You told my hubby off for having sleep apnea, and you told us both off for being poor, and having problems. Well if you can read, read this… F-U-C-K Y-O-U

And this is also dedicated to those internet Doctors whose blogs promote ignorance and hatred towards patients who do research online. Someone has to do the work. I for one care about my health and why I hurt every day. Deal with it. I’m paying doctors like you $50 per 15 minutes 5 minutes – out of MY pocket to listen to my conclusions about my own health problems… while you sit back and look at me like I am a lier… or that it’s all in me head. Not once do you even bother to take a look at my findings … nonetheless come up with your own. So take a good look at my hypermobile hand, and ask yourself why you didn’t listen to me… and diagnose this BITCH.

I didn’t paint my nails because I don’t feel like it at the moment, yes that is my middle finger, the rest are bent in knots around it, or in odd ways. Yes this pic is real, and is moi. =) I’m not normally this rude, but I’ve been 10 shades of angry this week. My ass has been killing me for 2 weeks, and not a damn thing has been done about it to help me. My whole body has been aching since 2002 and not a damn thing has been done to help me. I am one angry fat bitch.

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It’s been called disturbing.

I love freaking people out with this one!

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Whee, Look I’m bendy and I fit the criteria too!


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teehee, I promised you photos… this photo fits a part of the criteria for the beighton score. I can do both hand movements on both of my hands, for being 380 pounds I can also touch the tips of my fingers to the floor without bending my knees, and I can somewhat bend my elbows and my knees backwards even though it’s hard to tell with my fat, but the hands give me a score of 4 alone, and that’s all you need to be diagnosed. It’s hard to get a pic when you are doing this by yourself, I had to use the timer. Am I faking it now? 😉

Yes I’m still irate on how I was treated the past week or so by my doctors, but blogs are nice to vent in! I’ve got the posting itch since my coccyx injury was not treated by the E.R. last night. I am really angered at the state of our medical system. More pics to come soon, also my favourite hand trick!

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More on hypochondria and fibromyalgia.

Labeling Disease: Fibromyalgia as Hypochondria

and i posted this to

Hey guys, I’m really scared… How do you know if the pain you are feeling really is all in your head? I realized my doctors are running me through the process, I’ve always been as honest as I can be, but I’ve found sites on somatizing and well… How would I know if this is really happening or if this is something my brain is doing?

It’s all real to me. But now I’m crying because I feel like a complete idiot, these doctors dont think I’m being honest.. or don’t think it’s something real.

I waited 2 years to even go to a doctor once, and hubby knows it takes me ages to get to a doctor, I’d be happy to just sit in pain at home and try to deal in my own way than to be put on spotlight in an office.

I found a diagnosis I agree with in hypermobility syndrome, I wanted to inquire about that, and I’m doing it in the best way I know how…

But now I just dont know. I almost left this forum because I felt stupid. I am crazy. I don’t know what to say except I just hurt really bad physically and I have depression too, but how do you know if its real or all in your mind? I don’t know what to say. My hubby is a bit of a hypochondriac and he pushes me to the doctor alot, but he admits that he gets overly worried himself and lets his mind wonder over symptoms and diagnosis… but I don’t not till I found a name for whats going on in my body… or so I thought. But I’m in tears, because how am I ever supposed to get help? and I don’t want to waste money and go to the doctor if it is in my head… it doesnt feel like it is made up, I really hurt.

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I’m really upset right now. My doctor has been playing me for a fool. Is there any way I can get a doctor who wont or evaluate a new doctor? I wish I could get all that money back that we spent on nothing.

I’m just angry and bummed now, and my Wutzi is trying to cheer me up. <hugs to wutzi>

… and the only reason I want a diagnosis is so I can help to manage my life better, and get disability if I am found to need it. It’s pretty hard living, and if I really was somatizing I’d be hurting everyone in my family including myself and my hubby, and it would make me feel terrible.

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Regarding Somatizing and Hypochondria

Do your doctors believe you? Or are you Somatizing or just a hypochondriac?

Somatizing Patients: Part I. Practical Diagnosis
Somatizing Patients: Part II. Practical Management
Somatization by Adriana Feder, MD

Well apparently mine think I am. I never went out of the way to go to the doctor, I was in pain for over 2 years before I decided to go. How can you get out of this matrix? [ and it is a matrix, because if you genuinely believe your condition is real, how can you tell if you are somatizing? ]

Symptoms and Syndromes Commonly Reported by Patients with Somatization

Gastrointestinal symptoms
Abdominal pain
Bloating and excessive gas
Food intolerances

Pain symptoms
Diffuse pain (i.e., “I hurt all over.”)
Pain in extremities
Back pain
Joint pain
Pain during urination

Cardiopulmonary symptoms
Shortness of breath at rest
Chest pain

Pseudoneurologic symptoms
Difficulty swallowing
Loss of voice
Double or blurred vision
Difficulty walking
Seizures (pseudoseizures)
Muscle weakness
Difficulty urinating

Reproductive organ symptoms
Burning sensations in sexual organs
Painful menstruation
Irregular menstrual cycles
Excessive menstrual bleeding
Vomiting throughout pregnancy

Vague “food allergies”
Atypical chest pain
Temporomandibular joint syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Vague “vitamin deficiency”
Premenstrual syndrome
Multiple chemical sensitivity

Alot of these symptoms relate to connective tissue disorders, fibromyalgia, and Immune System Disorders.

My joint pain is real and I waited for two years before I went to a doctor? So I’m trying to get a doctors attention… right. Once upon a time I went to the ER for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding and Fainting. That morning I woke up and almost blacked out, my arms felt heavy and I was on my ‘period’ I wasn’t going to mention it at all to the ER people, except I told my hubby it might be excessive as it was heavy for me at the time… I wasn’t having periods for months at a time due to my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome as diagnosed my my current doctor. My husband mentioned it not me, am I Somatizing there too? I have had pleurisy that I haven’t gone to the doctor ever for and I’ve had it since I was a child, only told my mother once and never brought it up again till I met my hubby, and I suppose that isn’t real also. I suppose my hypermobile joints aren’t real either (will be posting pictures soon) Yes I’m a bit irate at the medical system of late, most doctors are lazy and are not up to speed on the illnesses that modern day life causes us… if they don’t understand it or if people complain to often about it, we are all hypochondriacs eh?

How do we get our point across if they wont listen to us in the first place? How do you eventually learn to manage your pain? This is what I’m struggling to deal with at the moment, and it is so stressful.

The whole thing is, I am giving the doctor around $60 a pop to sit there and JUDGE ME.

Whoah, I thought I was paying for him to treat me, and help me.

If you really are ill don’t give up.

My Mother who was Diagnosed with Cancer January of 2007 brought in her diagnosis on printer paper. The doctor thought she was making it up… till she made them look closer at her. The tumor was pressing on her chest (literally suffocating her), and they wanted her to do a stress test by running on a treadmill.

Honestly I don’t want to lie, I don’t want to somatize or be a hypochondriac! Does anyone have any advice? I mean… if I’m really hurting how can I tell if I am one? Now I’m really confused. Somatizing or really hurting? =( If I can convince myself to hurt this bad… I don’t know if there is hope for me anymore. Really.

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What are these spots on my bones?

They appear on my L1 Vertebrae as well as my hip/pelvic regions, the doctors note says they are possible ‘calcifications’ but they are at the sites that most of my pain seems to be. Nobody has pointed them out to me except in the note from the CT scan. This started making me really angry at my doctors. I mean even if it is harmless it is an Abnormality.Other than this my CT scans look ok, but I don’t know how to read them of course. I’m even more useless at looking at my MRI. So I prefer to stay out of it. However not mentioning this makes me a bit paranoid at what my doctor isn’t talking to me about.

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My Visit to the E.R. Yesterday.

Well I gave in and went to the ER yesterday for my coccyx pain after two weeks of barely being able to do anything for myself. It’s really hard to get up and down from any chairs I’m in, and it’s hard to get out of bed after sleeping… combined with my normal every day pain it’s a doosy.

My sister came and got me and my hubby (our car is dead.) We went to a hospital about 20 minutes away (not the usual ER we go to for an emergency, because I feel the local medical system is incompetent) Now I go to the ER normally for what I conceive is an emergency, thats why I was reluctant go go this time. My husband told me I should go, and the people on the forums said I should go… and it really hurts thats why I went. To me it was an emergency because of the pain.

I went and said I have an injured tailbone, or maybe my hip or pelvis but the whole area hurts… they xrayed it they didn’t see a fracture. I was relieved but still in agony. Well basically they didn’t do anything, and as I’ve said before about it…

I told them about my hip/tailbone/pelvis injury. They took xrays and nothing is wrong on them, no fractures. The way it hurts it feels fractured. I guess that is good. But they listed it as low back pain, it is not my back that I went in for it was my tailbone basicly. Then she asked me why I was taking tramadol, and I told her about Hypermobility syndrome, and about my chronic pain and how I think I have it but the Dr. didn’t diagnose me yet, but It still hurt so thats why I’m taking those meds… and she looked at me like “Uh huh, so you just came to me to get a narcotic eh?” She didn’t say it, but I saw the look on her face. Maybe that was a bad move on my part but what was I supposed to tell her about the pain meds I’m on? Well she didn’t give me anything or prescribe anything except a shot of some anit-inflamatory in my butt. She basicly told me to take ‘Asprin and Ibuprofen’ and to continue my current meds, and my husband said but they aren’t working for her… and then she said “Well I’m not going to presbribe a narcotic, you can bring that up with your current doctor” My heart just sank, here I am immobile from pain for 2 weeks straight and they tell me to take what I have at home. Nobody believes me, and im still hurting allthough I took more of what I have here at home and feel some relief but not much. I’m calling tomorrow to schedule an appointment with a rhuematologist… I hope he has a place for me to get in soon. I found out that I didn’t need a refferal from my dr, at least whats what the E.R. doc said. I just have to wait and see, and gather as much documentation as I can to take it to the rhuemy.

Well apparently you DO NEED A REFERRAL FOR THE DAMNED RHEUMATOLOGIST. I am sick of being lied to. My husband called the exact rheumatologist that they told us about, he said that we need a referral. We then called the ER to ask why they lied – they said that they didn’t and that you do indeed need a referral. Thanks Alot Mayfield, Ky ER! Woot. (note Murray, Ky ER is better) So, I am still in pain and I have no clue why! But Fear not blog readers I can Diagnose Myself!!

hypermobile coccyx This picture is based on x-rays of the coccyx of someone standing (on the left) and sitting (on the right). It shows a coccyx which bends up more than normal on sitting (a hypermobile coccyx). The coccyx is the two lower segments on the picture, above them is the sacrum. The patient is facing to the left. The last segment of the coccyx bends upwards much more than it should when the person sits

Okay, Okay… this is just speculation till I can find a suitable doctor. Hopefully I can when I move. I can’t really diagnose myself even though it seems like it most of the time. Notice the part about “hypermobile coccyx” sound familiar?

And ironically I injured myself at my previous doctors appointment, you can read the blog entry :

My doctors assistant nurse is awful. She knows I am there for back/hip pain, and she knows I am overweight. My beef with her started when she practically jogged back to the exam room, making me panic about looking stupid and made me walk faster than I probably should. I also mentioned in an earlier post about me tipping a heavy table because my back was in so much pain I just wanted to sit, so I stepped hard on it to climb up and injured myself or dislocated something. I’ve been in pain since then and can barely walk.

If you are uninsured you will be Punished. Severely.

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