And a big “F*** You” to those Doctors – done my way.

Originally uploaded by AngryApathy.

This is to all those doctors, nurses, ER doctors… who give me those strange looks, and believe it’s all in my head. I know this isn’t polite, but they weren’t either, so this is what they get. I know how I feel… they don’t.

And the biggest F-you of all to a certain Dr. Krapper (mis-spelling of his actual name) , you know who you are you jerk off. You told my hubby off for having sleep apnea, and you told us both off for being poor, and having problems. Well if you can read, read this… F-U-C-K Y-O-U

And this is also dedicated to those internet Doctors whose blogs promote ignorance and hatred towards patients who do research online. Someone has to do the work. I for one care about my health and why I hurt every day. Deal with it. I’m paying doctors like you $50 per 15 minutes 5 minutes – out of MY pocket to listen to my conclusions about my own health problems… while you sit back and look at me like I am a lier… or that it’s all in me head. Not once do you even bother to take a look at my findings … nonetheless come up with your own. So take a good look at my hypermobile hand, and ask yourself why you didn’t listen to me… and diagnose this BITCH.

I didn’t paint my nails because I don’t feel like it at the moment, yes that is my middle finger, the rest are bent in knots around it, or in odd ways. Yes this pic is real, and is moi. =) I’m not normally this rude, but I’ve been 10 shades of angry this week. My ass has been killing me for 2 weeks, and not a damn thing has been done about it to help me. My whole body has been aching since 2002 and not a damn thing has been done to help me. I am one angry fat bitch.


April 24, 2007. Pain.

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