Apathy is dieting!

Well I know I said I wouldn’t post anything new, but I am currently on a diet and I’m doing much better. I still have joint pain, but at least my tailbone isnt hurting anymore. I think i just have a pilonidal cyst it still hurts when I sit on my butt for very long. I never want to go through that hell again though. (Edited to add : I looked for pictures of these cysts, and I don’t have any external symptoms?! Maybe it is a hyper mobile coccyx after all.)

Um the doctors still don’t do shit for me, even after going there again… I was lied to again. I went to a “Doctor” but I was misled into believing she was a doctor when she was really a nurse. I am trying anything… and she ordered blood tests. I thought, okay i might have septic arthritis… Well I’ve learned my lesson… never tell doctors what you think it is. Because they discredit you if you know whats wrong with you in any sort of way. Don’t tell them anything, don’t trust them either to help you… you might just walk away from it wanting to commit suicide because you feel helpless. I’m not so much angry anymore… just dissapointed. Also another lesson is If you are overweight don’t expect treatment. My aunt who is a nurse herself told me this. They actually teach people in medical school to not treat obese persons as rational people… and to discredit everything we say.

Down from 400+ now I’m around 375… I’m on metformin to control my appetite and working on the yeast infection… i have a skin infection… not the vaginal kind. Ugh… actually I might start my blog again… I just have so much to talk about and it’s not being expressed anywhere else…

My mom is still alive, I worry about her.


August 11, 2007. Pain.

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