Somebody commented here about Morgellons, well here is some more info from Wiki.

Morgellons from Wiki

It’s supposedly delusional parasitosis or something…  I dunno.  Read about it, but I’m becoming skeptical about things lately. I’m sure there are a million diseases and disorders we don’t even know about… but they need to look into stuff that is going on… instead of inventing new diseases. Ok maybe i’m being a hypocrite… I just am so lost in all of this myself. And alot of things are linked and have overlying symptoms…

Personally I would have just been happy to get treatment for the pain and the ability to get disabilty because I’m sick and cant work… i dont care about exactly what I have I guess. I just want fucking help.

But if this helps you or you enjoy reading about stuff go for it.


August 11, 2007. Pain.

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