My Visit to the E.R. Yesterday.

Well I gave in and went to the ER yesterday for my coccyx pain after two weeks of barely being able to do anything for myself. It’s really hard to get up and down from any chairs I’m in, and it’s hard to get out of bed after sleeping… combined with my normal every day pain it’s a doosy.

My sister came and got me and my hubby (our car is dead.) We went to a hospital about 20 minutes away (not the usual ER we go to for an emergency, because I feel the local medical system is incompetent) Now I go to the ER normally for what I conceive is an emergency, thats why I was reluctant go go this time. My husband told me I should go, and the people on the forums said I should go… and it really hurts thats why I went. To me it was an emergency because of the pain.

I went and said I have an injured tailbone, or maybe my hip or pelvis but the whole area hurts… they xrayed it they didn’t see a fracture. I was relieved but still in agony. Well basically they didn’t do anything, and as I’ve said before about it…

I told them about my hip/tailbone/pelvis injury. They took xrays and nothing is wrong on them, no fractures. The way it hurts it feels fractured. I guess that is good. But they listed it as low back pain, it is not my back that I went in for it was my tailbone basicly. Then she asked me why I was taking tramadol, and I told her about Hypermobility syndrome, and about my chronic pain and how I think I have it but the Dr. didn’t diagnose me yet, but It still hurt so thats why I’m taking those meds… and she looked at me like “Uh huh, so you just came to me to get a narcotic eh?” She didn’t say it, but I saw the look on her face. Maybe that was a bad move on my part but what was I supposed to tell her about the pain meds I’m on? Well she didn’t give me anything or prescribe anything except a shot of some anit-inflamatory in my butt. She basicly told me to take ‘Asprin and Ibuprofen’ and to continue my current meds, and my husband said but they aren’t working for her… and then she said “Well I’m not going to presbribe a narcotic, you can bring that up with your current doctor” My heart just sank, here I am immobile from pain for 2 weeks straight and they tell me to take what I have at home. Nobody believes me, and im still hurting allthough I took more of what I have here at home and feel some relief but not much. I’m calling tomorrow to schedule an appointment with a rhuematologist… I hope he has a place for me to get in soon. I found out that I didn’t need a refferal from my dr, at least whats what the E.R. doc said. I just have to wait and see, and gather as much documentation as I can to take it to the rhuemy.

Well apparently you DO NEED A REFERRAL FOR THE DAMNED RHEUMATOLOGIST. I am sick of being lied to. My husband called the exact rheumatologist that they told us about, he said that we need a referral. We then called the ER to ask why they lied – they said that they didn’t and that you do indeed need a referral. Thanks Alot Mayfield, Ky ER! Woot. (note Murray, Ky ER is better) So, I am still in pain and I have no clue why! But Fear not blog readers I can Diagnose Myself!!

hypermobile coccyx This picture is based on x-rays of the coccyx of someone standing (on the left) and sitting (on the right). It shows a coccyx which bends up more than normal on sitting (a hypermobile coccyx). The coccyx is the two lower segments on the picture, above them is the sacrum. The patient is facing to the left. The last segment of the coccyx bends upwards much more than it should when the person sits

Okay, Okay… this is just speculation till I can find a suitable doctor. Hopefully I can when I move. I can’t really diagnose myself even though it seems like it most of the time. Notice the part about “hypermobile coccyx” sound familiar?

And ironically I injured myself at my previous doctors appointment, you can read the blog entry :

My doctors assistant nurse is awful. She knows I am there for back/hip pain, and she knows I am overweight. My beef with her started when she practically jogged back to the exam room, making me panic about looking stupid and made me walk faster than I probably should. I also mentioned in an earlier post about me tipping a heavy table because my back was in so much pain I just wanted to sit, so I stepped hard on it to climb up and injured myself or dislocated something. I’ve been in pain since then and can barely walk.

If you are uninsured you will be Punished. Severely.


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How did it come to this?

Here I am, uninsured, 400 pounds. I can barely do anything because of my chronic pain, I feel guilty as hell because I rely on my husband to help me with menial tasks. I am in a sticky situation.

It’s a vicious cycle really. Feel Immense Pain > Become depressed > Eat to Soothe Depression/Pain > Gain weight > Feel more Pain/Depression as my weight increases. > Diet to lose weight > Feel Immense Pain.

I am aware that I am not the only person in the world living this cycle. I have come to believe the pain I feel is from my Hyper mobility syndrome. Remember that kid who could bend their fingers in all the wrong ways… that girl who was extremely flexible? Yeah that’s me. But I’ve come to learn that while as a child that was fun and games it can have serious consequences as I get older. My joints are loose and by doing daily activities i constantly injure myself. I am in pain every day from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. This disorder is also related to fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a disabling condition, and I’m sure with my weight it can’t be good.

Now some of you may criticize me for my weight, and blame my aches and pains on weight or age… I am 23 years old, and I have been hurting like this since i was 14 and it progressively got worse. At the age of 19 I first noticed it while I was being sedentary after sleeping, my hips ached and I was sore and stiff in the morning. This was also when I weighed the least in my life in relation to my height. I weighed 200 pounds after losing 100 pounds. Before age 19 I only hurt while being active, with a stabbing sharp back pain, and of course my feet hurt. Lately my pain has been getting a lot worse, and I feel like dying to escape from the pain and the guilt that I suffer.

My depression has gotten much worse and seems to relate to the pain, the frustration I feel from not being able to work, and provide for my family makes me insane with guilt. Today as I start this blog I am on my last dollar, yes just one left. I have to ask myself how did it come to this? How did I allow my life to go so far downhill? I’m educated and smart. Why do I have to suffer pain and depression? … and why aren’t there any options for me? Why isn’t there any help for someone in a situation beyond control? Why has our government not provided me with assistance? Why wasn’t I able to get personal health insurance for any cost while I had resources?

In addition to the hell I am going through now I am also a survivor of abuse. I say that because I feel I have overcome the emotional pain of being verbally, physically, and sexually abused as a child. The depression I feel now if guilt and regret for not being a whole person, not being able to live my life. The fear of pain is overwhelming.

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